Baby Flyer’s Favorites

Some of our current favorite items, products, and services, both for travel and every day.  This page is a work in progress, so check back often as we will be adding and updating.

Tea Collection!  We love Baby Flyer in Tea!!  Their clothes are inspired by global travel, super soft, ethically sourced, and most importantly, completely adorable!


All smiles at home between adventures!

More often than not, our current favorite outfit for her is something from Tea.  They hold up well, and are a fun and distinctive spin on baby clothes.  We’ve especially liked their rompers and clothing sets as she’s gotten older.


Baby Flyer out on the town in Chicago in the ‘Hanna Trapeze Baby Dress’ from Tea

Tea also offers many generous promotions and discounts.  Check out their sale on baby girls’ clothes, and the full collection here!


The Suite Life- Baby Flyer gets ready to hit the town!

And since a good pair of shoes are essential for the Baby Flyer on the go, we love Freshly Picked!  We got these for Baby Flyer before they even fit her, and now she’s worn them so much, we’ve had to order the next size up!  They’re easier to put on than many baby shoes, hold up well, and we get tons of compliments on them!



Next up- The Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit


In the tradition of minimalist packing, we tend to avoid bulky items taking up room in our suitcases.  However, there are some exceptions, and “The Sleepsuit” is one of them.  When Baby Flyer was small, we swaddled her religiously.  We would occasionally look at each other with dread when we discussed what was going to happen to us all when she was too old to be swaddled.

Enter, the Sleepsuit.  It’s a ‘next step’ for when your baby outgrows swaddling, but isn’t ready to seep well in just PJs.  It essentially looks like a bulky snowsuit, and looks as adorable as it does slightly ridiculous.  The padding gives just the right amount of pressure and support that their twitches don’t wake them up as they sleep, and at least for Baby Flyer, has become her nightly sleeping outfit.

We’re currently on our second one, since we had to move up to the large size around 7 months or so.  Sadly, she’s probably going to have to give it up soonish, but it’s been a lifesaver, and we happily make room for it when we travel!